About the Project

In the summer of 2014, the Town of Winslow, Maine was awarded a grant in the amount of $95,000 to make improvements to the Fort Halifax Park. The park is the home of the oldest remaining blockhouse in the U.S., Fort Halifax. The Town now needs to raise $98,320 to fund the Park Improvement project that will cost a little more than $193,320 when completed. The planned improvements will enhance the historic attributes of the site. Groundbreaking will begin in mid-2015.

The following is a description of the improvements planned for the park:

Entrance & Parking Lot Relocation

The existing access drive and parking lot needs to be moved away from the site’s historic resources. The vehicular, bicycle and pedestrian entrance to the parking lot will be realigned directly across from the Route 201 access point. The new paved 20’ wide by 70’ long access drive will require relocating the existing railroad crossing and will cross the railroad at a perpendicular angle and then curve to the north. A new 18,460 sf parking lot will be constructed at the end of the access drive, just north of the existing gravel parking lot. The parking lot will accommodate 23 cars. The end loop of the parking lot will someday serve as a drop off area for carry-in boat users.

Stone Dust Sidewalk

A 5’ wide by 100’ long stone dust sidewalk will connect the new parking lot to the Welcoming Display Area and the Town’s Existing Sidewalk along Route 201.

Welcoming Display Area

A 30’ x 30’ welcoming display area will be constructed at the former location of the 16th century Trading Post by using stone dust surfacing. The display area will consist of Benches (wood or granite), Interpretive Signs and an Artifact Replica. The interpretive signs will educate visitors about the history of the site.

Sidewalk to River Overlook

A 5’ wide by 60’ long paved sidewalk will lead from the Turnout to a sheltered picnic area that is handicap accessible. Then, a 5’ wide by 80’ long stone dust sidewalk will lead from the paved sidewalk to a river overlook with interpretive signage. The signage will educate visitors about migrating wildlife common to the area.



If you would like to make a donation or if you just need more information please contact Winslow Town Manager Michael Heavener at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 872-2776 ext. 5210.